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The HIPAA compliance laws make it mandatory for the covered health entities, like hospitals, clinics, billing and insurance companies, and their business associates associates to use completely HIPAA compliant computer network systems. FTP or File transfer Protocol also falls under this purview.

HIPAA covered health entities exchange large amount of confidential patient health information. The business associates of the covered entities, like the transcription companies also come under the purview of the HIPPA compliance laws. For safe and secure transfer of large volumes of electronic patient health information, through the public network it is necessary to employ HIPAA compliant FTP. The file transfer protocol has two components, namely server and client. The FTP user gets a unique username and password through which he or she can easily upload or download electronic file from the FTP server.

HIPAA compliance rules make it necessary for the FTP servers of the health organizations and insurance companies to adopt security measures, so that the electronic health information of the patient is safely transferred from sender to the intended receiver. HIPAA compliant servers have following security features:

  • The FTP servers are protected by 128 SSL encryption technology. The file is loaded on the server in an encrypted form and can be downloaded, only by an authorized person or entity in the original form, through a unique key, which the sender and the receiver share amongst them.
  • HIPAA compliant server offers a very secure and fast transfer of large volumes of digital data through Multi-thread file transfer system. This is quite faster than the normal FTP transfer.
  • HIPAA compliance in FTP server enables the user to continue their use of the existing firewall service. The unique username and password protects the system from unauthorized intrusion.
  • HIPAA compliant servers are user friendly and make it easy to download/upload large files without any complications.
  • Special Intrusion detection system provides foolproof security and thwarts any rogue entry into the system.

The encryption feature of the FTP server makes it impossible for the intruder to access the sensitive information and this completely falls in the line with requirements of HIPAA compliance norms.

HIPAA compliant FTP server enable quick and safe transfer of large volume of patient health information through public network

Jason Gaya

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