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The growing popularity of Internet has made it quite easy for the instructors to teach and train people online. The Learning Management System or LMS provides the right platform to launch and conduct e-learning. Content is the most important part of any e-learning course. The course providers should ensure that content addresses the educational needs of the audience and enhances their knowledge base so that they can hone their professional skills.

Prior to creating any e-learning course, it is necessary to identify the content needs of the audience, understand their learning problems and devise a learning solution so that they can enhance their personal skills. The analysis phase of content development should consist of following:

  • Identify the audience.
  • Know their learning skills and characteristics.
  • Understand their limitations.
  • Identify the content needs of prospective learners.

After identifying the needs of the learners it is necessary to design the content. This consists of developing exercises, building content, analyzing, planning and selecting the subject matter, and initiating strategies so that the content goals of the project are met. The design phase should also accommodate visual presentations in the content in form of graphic, charts, pictures and videos so that online learners can easily grasp the finer points of the content.

The content creator should customize the content so that learners remain complaint with industry standards. The content should be able to accommodate the changes or amendments made over time. This helps the learners to hone their workplace skills and increase the productivity.

A well thought out content is crucial for developing any good e-learning course.

Jason Gaya

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