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More of the fun at the Midsouth Technology Conference. Previously, I included the link to the “Web 2.0 from the Beginning” workshop. Here’s the two other workshops that I gave on mobile learning. There are some really good stuff here, so I encourage you to browser through.

1. Mobile learning: What is it? What’s it look like? How’s it done?

Presenters: Michael M. Grant, The University of Memphis; Monte Tatom, Freed-Hardeman University; Kyle Menchhofer/Scott Newcomb, St. Mary School District, Ohio

Mobile learning, or mlearning, is a buzzword in all levels of education right now.  But what is it, and what does it mean?  This session will examine what mobile learning is, who’s doing it, and how it’s being done in K-12 classrooms and in higher education.  We’ll take a look at some schools that are implementing mobile devices into teaching and learning. We are also planning to Skype some folks in —just like Oprah—to give you some first-hand accounts.

Link to resources: Mobile Learning – What is it

2. Making Teaching and Learning Mobile

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll explore how to make teaching and learning mobile.  You’ll experience a number of technologies to create mobile teaching and learning opportunities for you and your students.  From using cellphones, smartphones, iPod Touches, iPhones, and iPads, we’ll look at ways to make learning engaging with tools your students may already have.  BYOM—You are encouraged to bring your mobile devices with you.

Link to resources: Making Teaching and Learning Mobile



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