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After over a year in beta, the U.S. Departments of Defense and Education opened the Learning Registry prototype to the public – a comprehensive database of online learning resources for the entire nation. Not only will it help users find online learning content in one place, it will also provide content ratings. This initiative is a solution for organizing scattered learning content including tools for building lesson plans in different subjects. The registry is searchable in a number of ways – content can be found by subject or topic or grade level. Educators will be able to communicate with each other across the globe. Users can elect to be anonymous when commenting on educational content. This has its pros and cons.  While confidentiality may encourage participation, it may compromise the quality of information. Where an opinion comes from matters.  The registry is a work in progress. In the K-12 sphere, how it will shape curriculum and education standards across the U.S. will remain to be seen but it’s a big step forward.


  • Educators
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Producers of Educational Content
  • Consumers of online/distance learning such as people in the military and their families
  • Anyone interested in online learning

Here’s a slideshow on how it works

For more information visit:

Recent Coverage (used for this post):


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