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Building an e-learning Business Case

The whole concept of ROI (Return On Investment) in a e-learning, for doing business in e-learning projects with a completely different goal than their partner institutions. Although the emphasis is on “L” instead “E” for a task, it is important to learn to value the business as a whole. A corporate giant is definitely not present an educational environment for their employees as an added benefit that provides asignificant value to their CVs. The company, without ulterior motives are more likely to scrap the initiative if it is not a sufficient return for the return.

Before investing in something good, doing a thorough business analysis of business objectives. This is especially for e-learning programs because of their intangible benefits. An initiative of e-learning, or rather a development of that part will be rejected without mercy, if not ably supported by a clearand accurate business plan. So what is a business plan? A business or a business plan is a document that compares the current state of the organization with respect to a particular subject preferred status. Then gives a detailed step by step to fill this gap and reach the second. An enterprise e-learning will help to convince the manager that is needed for e-learning initiative, that is, if your company is not already set foot on this road. Ideally, thee-learning should motivate companies to invest and ensure the adaptation of the learning process with business goals.

The following points may help build a business case for e-learning.

Describe the business problem

Keep the praise as a spree under e-learning initiative. Instead of the business problem that will focus dealt with this tool. Focus on complex propertyprocess or is just incomprehensible lexicon is your plan killing curiosity. Narrow the problem exactly and then talk about all possible solutions. Then begin to strengthen your case, speaking in favor of the proposed solution.

List of targets

Make it a point to be exact, provided that the benefits of the program to increase efficiency, productivity, quality services and in exchange, sales and revenue. Do not forget to mention what theProcess to achieve.

Focus on profitability

Add offer a feasibility study to document the importance of your business case. In economic jargon, the return on investment, cost, balance, and storage space in your case, a respected position in the eyes. The economic viability of the project is vital for policy makers, therefore, give them information about the plans to reduceCosts and risks of the program, while the results unchanged.

Compare the solution with the existing scenario

At home the change through implementation of learning. List of services that fall within the remit of this initiative and how everyone will benefit. Also mention how the program will add value to the company’s relationship with its customers and partners. Highlight how the initiative will be inclined toparadigm shift in how your opponents perceive your organization.

Details of the implementation process

The implementation of this program is a complex process with ample resources. Policy makers are all skeptics the concept, if the company is not specifically to the implementation and development of the initiative with a clear vision of the necessary resources. Prepare contains a special section in the document business case that the financial information,Infrastructure, the time, the milestones of the program, and pricing models.

Includes case studies and research

Arm business plan with solid evidence of the benefits of such initiatives. This strengthens your case without end. See case studies that show an exponential growth of other organizations to adopt a similar process. huge list of others, believe these initiatives. Proved the credibility of these programs significantly increased theirStructures adopted in the cover organization.

Alternative list

Click Create a backup plan in case of proposals. So, for decision-makers who have something to fall back on when they hear something before. Although the costs are alternative solutions for the information, resources are necessary, and all other aspects of the alternative program.

Keep your documents

The end of the document with a tour of all the important points.Signing with the heart of the problem that contributes to strengthening the importance of your case.


Although the preceding paragraphs provide a guide to writing a general business case for e-learning, is appropriate to align the organization with your specific case. Every organization has a different budget, infrastructure and resources to implement the project. Do your homework well and keep a record of expectations and levels of public understanding. Bewilling to answer questions on topics and use short sentences and simple, so you lose detail. And who knows, the success of the program, you get credited with the extended capacity of the organization.

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