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Change ignites lifelong learning

One way to change an attitude is to change the way one thinks. Similarly, evolving factors of social economics, cultural, demographics and technology continuously demand new thoughts. As society regenerates, so must community members and lifelong learning is the necessary vehicle to drive change.

Essentially, the self-directed adult learner uses a reservoir of experience and schooling to problem-solve and find answers. The employed obtains formal learning at a university to secure a job. A non-formal pupil attends classes at a community real-estate office to learn home buyer procedures. The informal student uses internet expertise to research a personal illness. Distance learning provides online lessons for all learning formats and a growing preference over traditional classrooms.

Once, the mandate for America was to develp a skilled and competitive workforce. Now, due to job losses, budget cuts and lower wages, some citizens want to become business owners and create their own jobs. The Small Business Centers are busy training entrepreneurs who claim the desire for independence and control over their work.

What’s more, educators are updating their skills. Numerous immigrants require a host of English as Second Language classes and many teachers must take foreign language studies to better communicate with students. Reformers in higher education have registered their faculty’s flaws by proclaiming the effective teacher should be “a guide by the side” other than a “sage on the stage.” Rarther than a surplus of lecture, new aims are to integrate more computer knowledge and manage internships to prepare candidates for the real work world.

Summarily, the rapid science-based, postindustrial technology of modern economies has led to a vast increase in productivity with growing complexities. Each new computer technique, service strategy, product invention or fiscal crisis touches off the need for lifelong learning.

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