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Mobile Safety and Teen Perspectives

PEW has some interesting research on what teenagers think about mobile phone safety. Below is a PowerPoint presentation from senior research specialist at PEW Amanda Lenhart that show some recent statistics.


  • 58% of teens from schools that forbid cell phones use them during class anyway
  • 31% of teens that take their cell phones to school send text messages during class everyday
  • 4% of teens age 12-17 have sent a “sext message”
  • 15% of teens age 12-17 have received a “sext message”
  • 8% of older teens sent “sext messages”, 30% of older teens received them
  • No gender difference in sending or receiving “sext messages”
  • 52% of teens talk while driving a car
  • 34% of teens text while driving a car
  • 26% of teens have been bullied via text message
  • Girls text message more than boys


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