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The Future of the Mobile Web

September 30, 2010 / Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, CA

Mobile, meet Cloud…


The mobile web is big. It’s about to get even bigger.

The conjunction of mobile computing and cloud-based services will unleash an entire new wave of product and market growth. At this year’s Mobilize 2010, we’ll show you how Cloud Computing and Mobile Web creates the beginning of further opportunity.

The success of touch based tablet devices is likely to see the addition of millions of new subscribers in markets already considered saturated. Then add to that base a new legion of machines as subscribers – your car, your fridge, your TV for example, and you have the makings of a vast new opportunity. It’s time for you to investigate these opportunities.

Register today and you can learn about:

  • What the “mobile cloud” will do for innovating new services and products
  • How new wireless broadband networks will enable consumer adoption of cloud services for mobile
  • What impacts touch devices and new form factors are having on markets
  • Where the opportunities are for Internet-connected objects – “The Internet of Things” or M2M (Machine-to-machine)
  • Which mobile monetization options are succeeding
  • Why the architecture of new wireless networks will be linked to Cloud based services
  • Which new mobile web technology areas are being funded and why

Discussion Topics Include:

  • App vs. Web
  • The Internet of Things
  • Monetizing Location Services
  • Handset Virtualization
  • Mobile Payments: Finally here?
  • The VC Panel
  • 4G with 4 Wheels: The Automobile as an App Platform

Who Should Attend:

  • Mobile Technology Executives
  • Carrier Executives and Buyers
  • Strategic Planners and Analysts
  • Technology Investment Professionals
  • Technology Entrepreneurs
  • Strategy Professionals
  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Companies launching new products and services
  • Media, New and Old

Core topics planned for discussion:

  • Mobile Cloud Services and Technology Enablers
  • Next-generation Wireless Infrastructure – Ultraband, UWB, Wi-Max, LTE, 4G, Broadband
  • App stores and the App Economy
  • Machine-to-machine – (M2M or “The Internet of Things”)
  • Virtualization on mobile devices and the new new services enabled
  • Network and “Mobile Cloud” infrastructure architectures and needs
  • Netbooks, Tablet computing and Ultraportables
  • Design and Ethnography — usage, lifestyle trends, technology adoption
  • Context and Location-based Services
  • Mobile Payments
  • Automotive Platforms
  • Venture Capital and the economics of the mobile data boom

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