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Importance Of Multimedia Elearning

One of the challenges of e-learning is the apparent lack of commitment to the students. Some people misunderstand the new teaching method, but I think it is boring and dull. While it can annoying, but again, the students don t get bored in class, too?

If the teacher, teacher or coach has the personality of a robot, you can expect that to start the class, to snore in the first 5 minutes. A teacher of a dynamic personality, on the other side can engage students and hold their attention longer. Involve the class or the student does not necessarily depend on education, but depends on the provision of content creation in the lesson.

There are learning software and online learning management system software on the market, especially the first, where the interface is poor and the content is text-based mostly. The end user is required to read and answer questionnaires at the end of each chapter. This is not surprising that online students dropped out after only a few chapters and rarely complete the course.

Current trends in e-learning now, the integration of multimedia content. Used to mean simple multimedia audio, video and graphics applications. now interactive animations, hypermedia, narrative discourse, Motion Graphics, etc. With the improvement of technologies such as 3D graphics and video, developers and designers of Technology Enhanced Learning are looking for new ways to implement these innovations to improve their software products.

Advantages of Multimedia

Accessibility. interactive interface is an important part of the learning content. The disabled members of society now enjoys distance learning for innovation in multimedia and text-to-speech, video, touch screen interface, etc. contribute to learning more accessible online.

The navigation is of course easier for students to follow, if clear graphics like buttons, links, site plans, tree, etc.

Easy retrieval and storage. In previous studies it was found that it is easier to remember information when it comes to the music. Students use audio and visual delivery, tend to be the lesson to remember that only by reading the text.

To facilitate understanding. A concept is meant to be easier when there is evidence “SA-video or animation that explains it. The student would have a better understanding of the doctrine to be stimulated because many parts of the brain.

Participate. Active participation enhances the learning more effective than passive reading sections. Contests and interactive games for courses and students become more attractive to bored probably less.

With all the advantages stated, it would be easy to conclude that the media is an essential part of the software or e-learning software, Learning Management System, but it’s true, there is a concern in the multimedia applications. It is better to be confusing a simple text on a course with several media.

Developers and designers need to change the course content so that the interface is uniform and consistent. Adding media increases the complexity of what the student sees on the screen. The software must be tested repeatedly to ensure that students know where they are and how they are progressing in the program. Customization of the media is also necessary requirements for people with disabilities and special.

Multimedia is an excellent tool for e-learning, but the developers need to ensure that the right wing media is user right. Each element in the progressive and must be adapted to the ring in general.


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