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RMC rewarded for workplace safety

Making the workplace safe for employees paid off handsomely for the Regional Medical Center of Orangeburg & Calhoun Counties recently when it received a check for $229,852 from Palmetto Hospital Trust, the workers’ compensation self-insurance pool in which it participates.

Edisto Regional Health Services Inc., an affiliate of the RMC, was also recognized for workplace safety and received a check for $5,400.

“The Regional Medical Center, Edisto Regional Health Services Inc. and other Palmetto Hospital Trust members are reaping the rewards of effective loss prevention strategies,” said Larry W. Gray, AIC, executive vice president, claims and risk management at PHT Services Ltd. in Columbia. “These include embracing the trust’s emphasis on preventing lifting injuries and widespread implementation of transitional duty programs. PHT members are also diligent about reporting claims promptly.”

PHTS administers the workers’ compensation program for the RMC, ERHS and other South Carolina hospitals and health systems participating in Palmetto Hospital Trust.

PHT and its members are known for their emphasis on preventing lifting injuries, trips and falls, injuries from sharp objects and for helping injured workers return to work as soon as their condition permits. All of these loss-prevention techniques have been instrumental in helping PHT members earn refunds for their contribution to the group self-insurance program’s success.

Palmetto Hospital Trust was founded in 1977 by South Carolina health care executives as a group workers’ compensation self-insurance pool. Trust members include hospitals, continuing care retirement centers, organizations dealing with special needs individuals and other health care organizations.


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