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Introduction to E-learning

Good Morning healthcare Folks.  Today i m writing you a deep insight of E-learning solution and online education of Healthcare compliance.

It is well known that the LMS is extremely useful to encourage education online which in return save time as they are online and thus can be accessed anytime. There various  solution that  includes providing a list of the course structure and course details, duration of the course, student discussion place, gradation of coursework and assessment of scores, display the resultant scores and certificates etc.

It has also been popular and very beneficial especially in case of corporate courses. Thus they have feature of adding new students. And the coursework is totally performance oriented; it is of great help for the corporate professionals to improve their skills and efficiency.

Today, E-learning solution have been in use into almost all verticals and majority in Health care where Staff, office and administrative training are available which is a boon for the health care practitioner. Health Care compliance is one of the most demanded E-learning course. HIPAA training, OSHA training, Joint commission, Red Flag rule etc.

YOU could have a look at what a LMS for Health care compliance demo would look like at



Introduction to FTC’s Red Flag Rule…

Hello Folks today i would like to get you some insights about a very identical rule and regulation to HIPAA.

Federal Trade Commission’s Red Flag Rule.

Red Flag Rule  consist of  Identity theft prevention program that aims to detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft covering existing or new accounts. The program must be appropriate to the size and complexity of the creditor and the nature and scope of its activities. Identity theft takes place when someone uses another’s personal identifying information to commit fraud or crimes.

How Red Flag Rules differ from HIPAA privacy and security rules?

Protected Health Information as defined by HIPAA is covered by Red Flag Rules, but the Rule extends to other information:

  • Insurance Claim Information
  • Credit Card Details
  • Tax Identification numbers
  • Background checks for employees and service providers.

So you see there is a thin line difference between the two and thus i hope this rule would be in implementation soon that would in return prevent Information theft.


New Update: FTC’s Red Flag Rule Delayed Further…

FTC’s Red Flag rule that was to be implied on Healthcare industry on the August 1st 2009 has finally delayed further. It seems AMA is quite against this one as they are very sure about the prevention of health information through HIPAA. Here’s a news feed.

The Red Flag Rules enforced by the Federal Trade Commission under the Fair and Accurate Credit (FACT) Act of 2003 require all financial institutions and creditors including physician offices, to develop and implement written identity theft prevention programs. As per FTC’s guidelines, physicians who regularly bill their patients for services provided are considered creditors and required to comply with the Red flag rules. Although the rules originally scheduled for a November 1, 2008 compliance date, the FTC has now delayed the enforcement date of the Red Flags Rule until November 1, 2009 which follows two earlier extensions to May 1 and then later to August 1, 2009.

It is figured out by FTC that every year, about 9 million Americans becomes victim of identity theft. FTC announced an increase in the penalties from $2500 to $3500 per violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which covers Red Flag Rules, address discrepancy and associated sharing rules.

 Resource: AMA


Hello and Welcome to the emPower LMS blog…

Howdy Healthcare professionals and students, emPowerLMS(Learning Management System) blog is dedicated to queries and news updates for the Healthcare compliances.  Also for professionals and student to discuss and share their views about Healthcare Compliances.

Here, Healthcare Newbies  would be able to learn, share and connect with Healthcare industry people, compliance trainers  & catchup with their views and comments.

Happy Reading Y’ all.


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