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Your Digital Classroom 3: Classroom Management

Learning in a laptop classroom depends on how instructors provide their students with the most effective learning environment.

Following is a list of 10 strategies to help teachers manage a class when kids and laptops are combined. These tips will help you improve students’ attentiveness, engagement, and learning when using a laptop.

10 Tips to help you manage your laptop classroom

  1. Arrange the desks so you can see their screens by just walking around
  2. Predefine specific times when laptops are permitted, and others when they’re not
  3. Walk around frequently
  4. Announce shifts, to allow students to save their work
  5. Make sure students turn off the laptop sound off at the beginning of class.
  6. Give a five minute warning prior to the end of class
  7. Use timers that tick loudly
  8. Establish consequences for inappropriate laptop use
  9. Create a class tech team
  10. Have students sign out the laptops each time they use one

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